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Jeff Hawke, the finest Science Fiction
newspaper cartoon strip on this planet!

Perhaps you may remember the Daily Express strip
with its amazing illustration and story lines and the extraordinary characters:
Chalcedon, the astute and loveable space pirate,
the bumbling bureaucrat Kolvorok,
and his long suffering superior, His Excellency
among so many colorful characters.


Also, the fantastic worlds of Belk-Narr and Daedalus.
Remember the classic stories of "The Daughters of Eros" (H4701-H4838),
"The Immortal Toys" (H2352-H2494) and "Here be Tygers" (H5401-H5498).
Did you know the creator Sydney Jordan, in his Jeff Hawke story
"Time Out of Mind" (H1713-H1824), predicted the Moon landing
ten years before the event and within two weeks of the date!
We came in peace for all mankind
Meet again them and their creator Sydney Jordan,
by joining the Jeff Hawke Club.


New JH's Cosmos Vol.4 - No.1
2007 JH's Cosmos Vol.4 - No.1
There are two kinds of yearly subscriptions
so You could receive three magazines:
  • £ 16.50 for UK members;
  • £ 26, or € 38 Euro payment,
    for overseas members, by Air Mail.

    Each magazine will feature complete stories
    of the original serialised strips
    plus articles and comments by Sydney Jordan.
    Also a history of the British Space Programme
    and profiles of aircraft featured in the Jeff Hawke strip.


    Jordan and Chalcedon

    The Jeff Hawke Club gratefully acknowledges the assistance
    and permission given by the Daily Express, helping us to create
    a club in memory of this superb strip.

    Please send your cheques made payable to Jeff Hawke Club
    with a stamped addressed envelope to:

    Jeff Hawke Club
    6 The Close,
    Leeds LS17 7RD
    United Kingdom