Sydney James Jordan

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He was born in 1931 in Dundee, Scotland.
He revealed soon an inclination for drawing
and he was very interested in science-fiction
(during his youth he creates his first science-fiction
comic strip "The Iron World menace"),
model aeronautics and rocketry.
He was a graduate of the Aeronautical Technical School
in Reading and after he became a regular pilot in the RAF.
In 1951 he came back to Dundee where he has worked
for 4 years in an advertising office.
In 1953 he married a New Zealand woman
and they had a daughter.
The following year he went to London where he met
two friends with whom he had served in the RAF:
Eric Souster and Jim Gilbert.
JEFF HAWKE Together they created the character of Jeff Hawke
and the Daily Express bought the exclusive rights for it:
the first strips appeared from 15th February 1954.
Later William Patterson joined his friends,
at first producing only plot lines
and then he began to write characters as well.
However Jordan finished by taking back care of both stories
and drawings and he has entirely devoted himself
to Jeff Hawke for twenty years.

AUTORITRATTO di Sydney Jordan H1-502 di Sydney Jordan

In 1976, when he drawn the strip H6412, Jordan gave up Jeff Hawke in order to produce
another science-fiction comic strip. So he created a new character: Lance McLane,
whose adventures were continued for just under twelve years, from May 1976 to April 1988
in the Daily Record, syndacated elsewhere with Jeff Hawke reborn as McLane.
In 1977 he came to an agreement with an American agency to distribute the Jeff Hawke's strips
in the United States; so he resuscitated his hero giving him, at the beginning,
the looks and the environment of Lance McLane.
Dan Dare by Sydney Jordan DAN DAREDAN DARE During his comic artist's career in 1968,
he contributed with Theyan Rich to the illustrations
of some Dan Dare's adventures by Frank Hampson as well. In June 1996 the UK Sunday published a new issue of Dan Dare, illustrated by Jordan.

Jeff Hawke